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Exploring the Nubian Museum in Aswan is a captivating journey through the rich history and culture of the region. Here’s a detailed description of your visit:

**Tour Highlights:**

1. **Introduction by Egyptologist Guide:** Your qualified Egyptologist guide will provide you with an insightful introduction to the Nubian Museum. As one of the most important museums in Egypt, it features exhibits and artifacts from surrounding sites, including the High Dam.

2. **Background on Nubian Rescue Campaign:** Learn about the significant efforts made during the early 1960s when UNESCO launched the “Nubian Rescue Campaign” to salvage the monuments of Egyptian Nubia before the rising waters of Lake Nasser submerged them due to the construction of the High Dam at Aswan.

3. **Exhibits and Artifacts:** Explore the museum’s collection, which includes objects recovered from tombs, temples, and settlements. Admire the artifacts that tell the story of Nubian civilization, offering a glimpse into the daily lives, rituals, and artistry of the ancient Nubian people.

4. **Architectural Design:** Marvel at the architectural design of the museum and the enclosure walls, which evoke traditional Nubian village architecture that existed along the Nubian Nile before the region was flooded by Lake Nasser.

5. **Landscaped Gardens:** Discover the beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the museum, featuring waterfalls, an open-air stage, and an amphitheater. The design creates a serene environment that complements the museum’s exhibits.

6. **Free Exploration:** Your guide will show you some of the most important artifacts and then allow you free time to explore the museum at your leisure. Take your time to delve deeper into the exhibits and appreciate the wealth of Nubian history and heritage.

The Nubian Museum offers a unique blend of historical artifacts, architectural charm, and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for those interested in the cultural richness of Nubia.

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  • Pick up service from your hotel in Aswan and return.
  • Professional English-speaking Egyptologist guide.
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned historical places.
  • All transfers by a modern air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Bottled water during your trip.
  • All service charges and taxes.


  • Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Personal Spending.
  • Tipping.

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Nubian Museum

The Nubian Museum is indeed a treasure trove of antiquities, housing around three thousand pieces that represent various historical periods. The museum’s collection is diverse and spans different ages, providing visitors with a comprehensive journey through the rich history of the Nubian region. The exhibited artifacts cover the following epochs:

1. **Geological Age:** Featuring items that highlight the geological history of the Nubian region.

2. **Pharaonic Age:** Encompassing relics from the time of the ancient Egyptians, showcasing the cultural and historical connections between Nubia and Egypt.

3. **Roman Age:** Exhibiting artifacts from the Roman period, reflecting the influence of Roman culture in the region.

4. **Coptic Age:** Displaying items from the Coptic era, representing the Christian period in Nubian history.

5. **Islamic Age:** Showcasing artifacts from the Islamic period, reflecting the cultural and historical developments during this time.

The Nubian Museum provides a comprehensive and detailed insight into the rich heritage and diverse cultural influences that have shaped the Nubian region throughout different historical epochs. Visitors can explore the fascinating exhibits and gain a deeper understanding of the unique history and cultural identity of Nubia.
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